Our coat hanger

On my way to town today I stopped and took a photo of what remains of the quarry where the stones for the four piers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge where blasted from. The granite was shipped down the river and then up the coast to Sydney. We as a family have climbed the SE pier to the observation area which is a fantastic view of the harbour and city surrounds. As I pulled up at the locked gates a wild cat sprinted off into the quarry, wish I could have gotten a bit closer to the beautiful granite but this is the best I could do with my zoom through wire mesh!

One day we will climb to the top of the bridge with Bridge Climb, apparently this an even more spectacular view. I didn't take the black and white photo of the bridge with the Opera House in the background but it is a lovely photo showing the four stone piers.

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Meggy said...

Isn't Sydney Harbour just breathtaking.... I always feel a rush of emotion when I fly in. Love the history lesson about the granite. :)