Almost ready

Look what I spied this morning, nearly ready for eating! It is so satisfying growing your own veges and they taste so much better. With the predicted high price of summer vegetables I think we will all have to start growing our own and organising within our neighbourhood some vege bartering. Back to the good old days of self sufficiency now with prolonged severe weather problems in Australia it is becoming very expensive to feed your family fresh produce. I even bought Homebrand mixed frozen vegetable a while back for putting into our dogs homemade kangaroo meat and brown rice mix (smells awful but he loves it) and found the veges were from "Thailand", I was astounded that we actually import frozen veges! I won't be feeding these to my family, I will be converting my flower beds into vege patches. That's my rant for the morning.


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how good home grown broccoli is! YUM!

I try to buy organic produce whenever possible. It is VERY difficult to have an organic garden in Florida and where I live now our Homeowner's Assoc. would not permit a vegetable garden anyway. :-( When Steve retires we MUST move to a home where I can have SOME garden.

luv Abby said...

OMG Lisa that is just shocking.... with all the space and fertlie land in Australia and our very own "homebrand" imports veges....
luv Abby