Tagged part five

I'm not very tall, 5'5" or 165cm and I wouldn't mind being a bit taller then I wouldn't need to take the hems up on new pants so often and my legs would look thinner! My dad wouldn't have kept telling me "You have ducks disease...........your bums too close to the ground" for my entire life until he passed away 7 years ago. The main reason he used to say this is because my little sis is 5'10" or 178cm and looks like she has legs right up to her armpits.............sigh! Very quickly I am also becoming the shortest in my own family, only Darling Daughter is yet to zoom past me, Surfer Boy just looks down and gloats of late. I shot this lovely leggy photo this afternoon in the light of the setting sun down at the beach. Don't you wish all the mirrors in change rooms were like this!

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Anonymous said...

I'm the shortest in my family too! I remember the day my son could rest his elbow on my head. For some reason this amuses him no end.

Levin (and Emily) said...

ok - i have just read all your tagged entries and i have one thing to say.
please don't ever, ever, ever check my knicker drawer :)

lovely to find out more about you.


emma said...

My sister and I are the same...I'm about 5'2" and she's (obviously) taller, and a glamour. As a result, I have been labelled "cute". I can live with that.

Meggy said...

I am also 178cm and the second tallest growing up, my younger sister is over 6ft! I have to say that my 16 year old is only a hair away from me, she is a tall one too!