Sock it to you

This is my entire handmade by me sock collection including my first pair on the far right then the far left which are still my favourites. The brown pair are my most recent and have a lovely lacy pattern and the current very loud rainbows are 'Jaywalkers' who have been on the needles for far too long, they are a bit too firm on me so I think Darling Daughter will score, much to her delight.

Now you might ask why have I taken my socks down to the shack at the beach and then right to the waters edge. Most of you know by now I live by the sea in Australia and everyday I make my way down to one of our beaches just to walk, be alone, scrounge for treasure and even knit in the sunshine. These photos taken today were inspired by Dee of The Daily Stitch blog regarding her entry in Jane's THIRD ANNUAL SHOW ME YOUR SOCKS CONTEST on her Quiddity blog and I hope they show a little about me as well.

I do like to knit socks because they offer me a little challenge, there is room for being creative and best of all there is so little finishing once the knitting is done, all in all a perfect project that is very portable and the comfort they give the wearer is unbeatable. Try sock knitting yourself and then you will know the feeling.

Click on the photos for a closer inspection and to see how perilous it was that close to the water trying to take the perfect photo with gusty winds to contend with as well!

Oops, just remembered this pair and their matching mittens and beanie I made for Darling Daughter last year when she went up to the snow with her class.

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luv Abby said...

wow... lovely.
And what a beautiful palce to get the family together.
luv Abby