Family outings happen less these days..............

.................the kids are growing up and it is harder to get us all together for a few hours of family fun but we did it today! We all enjoyed ourselves amazingly, we went to an out of the way beach and explored together. A very rugged coastline with really interesting rocks and piles of driftwood. We hung out at a shack and ate good food, chocolate and drank ginger beer. A happy day!

We did find we weren't alone on the beach there was some wildlife around. Would you believe an Echidna of all things down on the rocks and digging around in the sand, a Blue Tongue lizard which gave us all a fright for a second and a little Jacky lizard basking in the sun, we luckily didn't see any snakes.


Dee said...

That's a big echidna!

Are the lizards dangerous? We have lizards here, but they are small and fun to watch. They don't bite.

Snakes....well, snakes we have in abundance and in 24 years living here I've only seen one venomous snake (but, DANG, he was close to the house right AT the garage door!)

Levin (and Emily) said...

ok - firstly I have to say that I love your shoes!
secondly the beach looks beautiful - such a beautiful spot to live in.
don't you just love family outings. i will have to post about ours yesterday, as we had a bit of fun too. school holidays are here though, and life has become a little bit busier so blogging has become a bit more difficult.

Nan said...

Beautiful family, beautiful beach, beautiful shoes, beautiful socks in the last post and beautiful "Long" legs in the one before the last one! LOL, am I over using that word?

I am tall, 5'10"... but I STILL have to hem pants when I buy them, because the pants made for talls are almost always TOO long for me, now the average length ones are too short, so I can't win!