Captain Peacock

Yesterday I had the great pleasure in meeting a very hospitable group of country women at the most beautiful property over the mountains from where I live on the coast. When a came to a halt at the front gates 'Captain Peacock' loudly announced my arrival to everyone in the district. What an amazing doorbell and guard. 'Proud as a Peacock' is exactly how you would describe the Captain, he strutted his stuff so gracefully around his semi formal garden but try as we might we couldn't encourage him to show us his tail feathers, so luckily his owner sent me the second photo today. He certainly seemed very camera shy with me yesterday but I was told if you can wolf whistle just right he will proudly display himself for you. I will be back up there in a fortnight to continue teaching my knitted and felted bags with this group and I will be doing my best to learn how to wolf whistle between now and then.

Next trip I also hope to take some photos of the garden to show you, it was magnificent and sprawling even with the drought the strong have survived and are flourishing. It is so refreshing to drive through the countryside and to meet some of Australia's real characters of the bush, some days I feel so lucky that my work allows me to do so.


Levin (and Emily) said...

your job really sounds lovely - to be able to teach people who really want to learn something that you love doing must be fantastic.

we went to the zoo in melbourne and we saw the peacock there - he had no inhibitions, he strutted around with his feathers out posing for anyone who had a camera. they truly are beautiful creatures though - so amazing to see up close.

can't wait to see photos of your next trip.


Anonymous said...

I can wolf whistle really loudly....

Will you take ME to the garden? LOL

Very pretty Captain Peacock pictures. It's a shame those birds make such a mess. They are SO beautiful, but oh my golly, dirty birds are they. (We have a wild flock not too far from my house!)

Jelly Wares said...

What a gorgeous peacock!!! Can't wait to see some pics of the garden. I admire those people who are maintaining fantastic gardens despite the enormous water restrictions.