Halloween is happening

I have to tell you that Halloween isn't really celebrated much downunder and this is the only photo we have of anything Halloween related. This is Darling Daughter, the blonde witch with her friends a couple of years back at a school run Halloween community event which was a fun night for families, the kids really got into the spirit. We have had a carved pumpkin on our verandah once because our kids have an uncle who runs a roadside concession stall selling pumpkins on the highway in San Francisco and he sent stencils and carving tools over. It looked great but sadly it didn't last long as it is quite hot this time of year. Must be organised for the little 'trick or treaters' tomorrow evening, there are always a few in our village who make an effort and visit the houses that leave their front light on.


Levin (and Emily) said...

we carved a pumpkin one year. it was the year that david planted cucumbers and this really strange 'rouge' cucumber grew - it was bigger than the rest and didn't develop and cucumbers. one day david realised that the reason it didn't produce cucumbers was because it was actually a pumpkin! so we had a lovely pumpkin to carve. the seed must have been hiding in the compost!
we don't have many trick or treaters in our street but emily always wants us to be prepared!

Anonymous said...

We'll be swarming with little kids here. One year I went through 15 bags of candy.

I limited it to five this year. After five ....the lights go off.