Just busy working........nothing is wrong!

I am very tired but knew that I just had to let you know that all is ok with me. I don't mean to worry any of you when I don't find, or make time to blog as often as I normally do. I have simply been caught up with work and family life. Today I have been dressing up the shop where I work. Gorgeous new Chez Moi fabric called Fresh Air is just so rich and colourful, had to bring some home! Christmas is only 2 months and 2 days away so out came a whole lot of seasonal joy. Also hung a lovely quilt called 'State of Grace' made from Shangri-la fabric in the front window, this design uses Jelly Rolls, simple but effective. Check out the free quilt patterns at Moda Fabrics. Also loved the Flea Market Bag and Barefoot Roses fabric designed by Tanya Whelan of Grand Revival. Click on the photos for closer and slightly clearer viewing!

I promise I will blog a bit more in the next day or so, there are a few things to show for my blogland absence.


Anonymous said...

Your shop is adorable. I love the displays you have up so far.

Levin (and Emily) said...

Everything looks beautiful in the shop. When you come to Adelaide, you should visit Hettie's Patch - it's the most beautiful quilting shop.
Glad to hear you are OK!
You now need to put your feet up for a little while :)
PS I can't wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Becky-Dee said...

I didn't recieve too much ($13) so probably not more yarn :( but maybe some special needles. I like the new fabrics in your shop! The socks you are knitting are really nice too!

luv Abby said...

what a gorgeous place to work...
luv Abby

Nan said...

I saw my first Christmas Commercial on TV today, hard to believe it, but I know the time will just fly and before long, I will be crazy with last minute things, every year I say I want to start earlier this year, lol, maybe this is the year I will actually do it!
The shop looks lovely, and puts me in the mood for holiday crafting.