Little time for sock making

I went away with all that was necessary to produce one pair of cotton/wool blend socks................not much knitting was done. The pattern I took was a bit deficient so with some mods these socks will have shaped tops and a centered pattern.

We went away to visit Dear Husbands old hometown of Griffith and do some riding with Little Sis and her family. We did ride although it was quite warm some days, up around 30 degrees Celcius. We rode between 15 and 30 kilometers each day which we needed to with all the great meals we ate. I have never once lost weight on a cycling holiday!

We caught up with a lot of friends and checked out some of the old haunts of Dear Husbands childhood. One great place the kids enjoyed was The Hermits Cave up on Scenic Hill. A man actually lived up on the hill in the rocks and caves, building little rooms and gardens from 1929 to 1939.

The drought has really got it's grips firmly on this country and the communities are really starting to show very obvious signs of suffering. I have to say I really enjoyed our trip out west and recommend to any of you out there, go and explore this great country and put some dollars into these struggling communities, there is so much to see and do you won't regret it. Forget about the typical tourist destinations that we all commonly think of, find out about this country and what makes Australia the great place it is.


Jelly Wares said...

Wow... Isn't it a small world! My DH and I lived on a farm not 1/2 hour from griffith and only moved to were we are now 2 years ago. The food at Griffith is amazing, so many wonderful resturants for an agricultural community. This is a wonderful post and I second your ending comment.


Levin (and Emily) said...

I want to go to Griffith now too! Since we've come back from our holiday, I've been trying to figure out where our next trip will be and I keep changing my mind - but your trip looks great too.
Do go on the Great Ocean Road - and if you stop in Adelaide, please look me up (I'm truly not weird - well not much! lol).
Love your socks - I'm going to get up the courage to makes some one day!

Nan said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation. It is nice to be a tourist in your own country sometimes! I know there are MANY places I want to visit in the USA and look forward to someday doing so, as far as world travel goes, Australia is one of my top 5 places I hope to visit one day.

Ever since my best friend in school, went with her mother and my Aunt [who were war brides from Australia] back to visit family, I have wanted to go. While I wait for the day to come for traveling, I will just have to enjoy visiting via the Internet! ;)

Meggy said...

Sounds like a great trip. I have not ventured out west for a long time now.... the colours in that sock are yummy!

Yummers! said...

I wish we could share some of our rain... we keep checking the basement for water. Nothing yet...

Love the sock... so lovely!

Jenny said...

Hi Jane, I have just discovered your blog and am a bit of a felting enthusi-ist myself. I love your felted bags. I too think that everyone should venture down the Great Ocean Road at least once in their life time-but ideally many more times than that. I too live near the beach in South Australia and love the beachylifestyle!Your knitting is inspiring.

Jenny said...

WHOOpsie!!! Had a bit of a mix up!. I got onto your blog form Wannabe crafty and she has been down the Great Ocean Rd not you!!!You should go though! Sorry about that!!!!!!!