She made her mark.....or several

Darling Daughter worked away in front of the TV watching 'Sahara' on DVD. Great action packed movie we all highly recommend it. It was too hot to do much at all, but look what she turned out, lots of stitch markers for the ladies in my knitted and felted bag classes or those knitting from my patterns on their own. Don't they look lovely all carded up and packaged.


Sarah said...

These look fabulous Lisa!! just gorgeous!!

luv Abby said...

luv Abby

Levin (and Emily) said...

these are fantastic - are they hard to make???
Emily is hoping to set up an ETSY shop - looks like your daughter could have one too!
i have to say, i'm rather partial to stitch markers - i've bought some from the wool shop which are so cute, especially my little sheep one.
hope your day is not too hot today. enjoy the beach!
PS tell O that I think she is very, very clever!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!!! I'm sure the knitter ladies will love them.

Donna said...

They look wonderful. Let me know if she ever decides to sell them. Good job.

Meggy said...

Very cool, They look so professional in their cellophane envelopes. I liked the movie too. How were matthews arms!!! yeow