Little break

For all my regular readers and anyone who has just found my humble little blog I have to inform you I am taking a short blogging break. Good news though I'm sure I will return with new material to blog about!

These little flowers grow around this area down in the sand and they are called 'Pigface'. I don't know how they have this very unattractive name because they are the happiest little flowers that open and close with the sun, they come in gorgeous colours, they say 'summer' to me and that makes me smile.


Levin (and Emily) said...


enjoy your break.

we are having one too!

c u soon.


Anonymous said...

What a funny name for a beautiful flower.

Hope everything is okay. I'll be looking forward to you coming back to blogland!

luv Abby said...

Have a nice break Lisa. I love pigface.... we even had our pink pig face sprout a couple of yellow flowers last year.... beautiful
luv Abby

Nan said...

I hope all will be well and look forward to your return to posting, you will be missed by me, and I'll have you in my thoughts. I enjoyed the picture of the flowers, that is a strange name for such a cute and cheery little plant.

Jane-Jane said...

happy smiles and trails to you! enjoy your break. we all need to take them from time to time!
don't forget about us.

Meggy said...

Have a nice break..... :) Pigs are cute too though.