Road trip

Seven hours west by car with the kids and it's amazing all the things you see along the way. The trip was long and the kids got over excited couped up together in the back but we all survived it and feel very happy about the place that we live after seeing the results of six years of drought conditions on the communities of country New South Wales.


Levin (and Emily) said...

It's a magnificent country isn't it! We had the opposite to you as most of the countryside we encountered was green and lush - the creeks and rivers had water in them! (that was pretty novel)
Then we hit South Australia and the further up we drove, the drier it got it but it was still beautiful though.
And yes, we too had the odd spat in the back of the car, but overall the boys were quite good considering we covered 1100km in three days.
Love your photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Welcome home! We've missed you in blogland.

luv Abby said...

ohhh... lisa what beautiful pix.
You have captured our country side beautifully.
have a great trip
luv Abby

Nan said...

Love the pictures and description of them, I feel as if I took a mini vacation after visiting you here today! Glad you shared your adventures!!