Snapshot of Griffith last week

The citrus display in the main street is an amazing display by local businesses and some very creative people.

This little fellow just loved to snuggle up.
Dusty and hot!
Big kids, little kids and more kids.
Little Sis and the very cute little abandoned babe.

Mr's Trimboli's baking, the best!

Hardworking Italian immigrants have made Griffith what it is today, it is said that 60% of the population are of Italian descent.
Great Italian breads, nothing better. The first of 3 punctures, the dry weather certainly makes good thorns!

You might think this weird to visit the cemetery when holidaying but Griffith cemetery is very interesting, the pioneer section is a wealth of information but the kids were in awe of the memorials Italian families erect in memory of their loved ones and they are so beautifully cared for.
Mr Battaglia is 82 years old and has been cutting hair for over 50 years in his own shop, his son and grandson work alongside him these days. Surfer Boy has a very economical haircut!
This home with the emu and kangaroo from our countries coat of arms reminds me of the movie "The Castle", we all love our homes no matter how big or small.................ahhhhh the serenity!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

Ahhhh...pigeons are pigeons no matter where you travel. LOL

luv Abby said...

wow... just beautiful
luv Abby