Braidwood Quilt Event

On our way home yesterday we stopped over in the historic township of Braidwood and visited St Andrews Anglican Church to view their exhibition of hand work that is all part of the Braidwood Quilt Event held every November. The church itself was built in the 1890's and has so many fabulous features, I especially loved the gargoyles used as water spouts for the roof drainage. The windows were just gorgeous and the light was shining through wonderfully. It was a lovely exhibition of work by country women and many different crafts were represented; quilts, tapestry, hardanger, cloth dolls, knitting, felting, dyeing, candlewicking are just a few. I met the ministers wife a few weeks back and she requested two of my quilts for the exhibition and it was so good to see them displayed in such a beautiful setting. There were also some completed bags from the knitting and felting workshop I taught up that way recently, they looked great and I will post some before and after photos soon. If I had been in town on Saturday I would have seen quilts airing from veranda rails in the main street which I believe is a fantastic spectacle that I haven't ever been able to see first hand.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

beautiful quilts - and a beautiful church. they can be exceptionally beautiful buildings - have you ever read 'pillars of the earth'?
i would have loved to have seen the quilts airing too! what a lovely tradition.