Can't help myself

Whenever I travel away from home I have to check to see if I can find any fabric or wool stores. Well I have to say the Melbourne cbd isn't great. I knew Lincraft was in the city but this didn't excite me at all but I headed that way to see if I could find anything else. I ran into a lady while I was crossing the street in the rain and she looked like she might be a knitter so I asked her if there were any specialty wool shops around and she said well not really a 'specialty' shop but they do sell wool and I'm on my way there now...........amazing, so she said "follow me". How could I not. We ended up at Clegs in Elizabeth Street and they are mostly an evening fabric store but they really do have some wool. I bought the large hank of J&J's hand painted pure wool from New Zealand there, should make a great felted bag. Also found some bag handles which will come in handy for a new design. The best thing I found were the Clover bamboo knitting needles, I bought 2 sets of double points and one pair of straights. They are so light and smooth to work with, I can recommend them to you all. I also bought the Dawn silk/wool yarn and began knitting a lacy scarf back at the backpackers as the weather was perfect for knitting...........wet and cold! After leaving this shop I meandered my way around and followed the steps down to Dymocks bookstore and found Nicki Eptein's lovely book all about felting, something which I am more than a little passionate is a great adventure, really inspiring. The other find was the Interweave Favourite Socks book, this one I had always coveted and now it's mine!

Now since I had tried the Clover straights I had to test the double point needles don't I? As this Saturday is a special day for Dear Husband and I the time had come to knit him a pair of socks, he has hinted so often I thought I could do this small thing for him and test the needles at the same time. So I set to work on some Sirdar Town and Country colour 100 Harlequin (discontinued I believe) from my stash and finished the first sock in one day and have a few days to get the second one done now I know you can knit a nice long pair of size 12 socks from one 50g ball with a little yarn to spare! I thought this spare piece would allow me to match the stripes in the socks but it just won't work this time, the repeat of stripes is too large. Anyway I'm sure he won't care it's just the 'neat freak' in me coming out. Must go, many stitches to knit. Oh, also bought a Clover row counter that hangs around your neck, this makes a huge difference when knitting socks, so much less row counting by eye, another great find.


Levin (and Emily) said...

There aren't any good knitting shops in the Adelaide CBD either - it's strange - but I guess knitting hasn't made that great a come back here yet. Adelaide is crying out for a really beautiful knitting shop - maybe one day.
Sounds like you got some wonderful treasures on your trip. It's always nice to have a reminder of a lovely holiday.

Jelly Wares said...

I love all of the pics and boy-o-boy didn't you pic up some lovely goodies on your travels!!!
Looking forward to seeing the finished pair of socks.


Donna said...

Wow, what a great couple of posts. The quilts are super, your knitting is lovely and Melbourne knocked my eyes out. I love it. What a great trip with your family. Maybe someday I will get over to the other side of the world. Thanks for the photo tour. That church was a beauty too.

Meggy said...

What a lovely trip. I am eager to see the finished socks too, I have a nervous breakdown just thinking about trying to knit a pair! lol

Anonymous said...

I couldn't LIVE without my row counter! LOL

The stripey sock is SO cute!