Ahh, that's much better

Finally worked out how to photograph my tree ornaments. It's a dull morning, I didn't turn on any lights, I stood back about 1.5m and used my camera flash and then zoomed in on the ornaments and "click" and it seems to be working much better than yesterdays efforts. The little bear is teeny tiny, about 1.5cm or 1/2", he is so cute but I worry about him getting lost in this huge tree. He was made by a stitching friend who also made the large needle roll up at the top of the tree, the other needle roll is very tiny and looks a lot like a medium tampon! My pale pink silk angel is the companion to the othe I showed you yesterday but this is so much clearer. Finally a little hardanger decoration with lovely jinglybells. Another friend has posted about her new tree, Levin's parents gifted the tree to her family and doesn't it look good. Now come on all you bloggers "show us your trees" and anyone and tell me about it in a comment with a link to your blog.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty ornaments. And I still like the star! :-)

Levin's tree looks nice too.

Levin (and Emily) said...

lovely tree - gorgeous ornaments!