Oh Christmas Tree

Here is our tree, all decked out entirely by the hands of my children for the first time this year and haven't they done a great job despite the little bit of sibling bickering I heard going on while they worked away on this monster of a tree together. Surfer Boy and Darling Daughter both have collections of their own decorations that are added to each year to ensure they will have some to start off their own trees when the day comes for them to leave home. The majority of our decorations are handmade, mostly by me but many by the kids and my creative friends. The tree is full of Christmas memories past, as it should be. Two blogging friends inspired me to do this post, Dee who I hear from every few days and her tree in Florida looks wonderful but like me she had trouble photographing it for you all to see, the other is Nan who really wants to know what other bloggers trees look like this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Our trees DO look very similar. I never thought about hanging my needlerolls on though. That's a good idea. Is that a full-size needleroll?

The little beaded Santa --- I made him for a friend.

And I LOVE your star. Very pretty.

MRS MJW said...

Your ornaments are truly lovely.

Nan said...

I guess I never left a comment, but I did enjoy seeing your tree and your ornaments! Thanks for posting pictures and descriptions.

In reference to your newest post about collecting ornaments for your children, I have done that too, and when my daughter had her first tree and I gave her the ones I had collected for her, you should have seen her eyes light up!

They still go on her tree [and this is year number 7 that she has had her own tree!! Yikes, that can't be possible!!] as well as the new ones she has collected since and she has started her own collection for her 2 children now too!

Little things like this make a nice tradition, reading your post about this was a nice reminder that even though I didn't do everything I thought I should have this year, there were many things I did do, I needed to be reminded to stop dwelling on what I didn't do and remind myself it's not about the "perfect" or "ideal" holiday and remember why we do celebrate in the first place as well as being close to the ones we love. Have a blessed New Year!