Christmas beside the seaside

This stubborn little tree is hanging on for dear life on the foreshore of our river up near it's mouth. This tree is a Casuarina or River Oak which is native to our area and when the wind blows through a grove of these trees it is the loveliest sound you can imagine, fabulous for inducing sleep. Just a little further down the river is a large family of these trees and my kids have always called it 'The Forest' and they have always loved wandering through walking on the fallen needles. I have never seen spruce growing as many of you have in the northern hemisphere and I hope to one day see a 'White Christmas' but for us down under by the beach this is as Christmassy as nature is for us. Agapanthus flowering and fresh dug potatoes also make me think of Christmas which probably sounds very strange. What makes you think thoughts of Christmas?

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