Family tradition

Every year I give my children a new Christmas tree decoration and I have done so for many years now. My intention is that when/if they leave home they will have a collection of their own decorations with which to start their own trees off. This year they were given the Snowman and the Santa snow dome/bellies. Now a couple of days before Christmas I found an Ebayer selling two Lladro decorations that mark the birth years of Surfer Boy and Darling Daughter and as neither of them have a decoration from the year they were born or 'Babies First Christmas' decos I had to buy them.............didn't I? They arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous, about 4" in size and so much detail, kids think they are very special and that's all that matters. The crystal angel is my newest decoration, my Little Sis sent this over for me, she is so delicate and sparkley. A new star tops our tree also, my mum found this one and dropped it in a couple of days back. I think maybe Dee needs to pass on her snail mail address and she can have my old one that she covets. If you look real carefully you will see me in one of these photos.............a bit of a 'Where's Wally' challenge for my readers. The first person to tell me where I am in a comment on this post I will send a small gift to very soon. I also have 3 Pay It Forward gifts to post off as well now that life is a little quieter.


Levin (and Emily) said...

oh oh oh are you in the red bauble? i never win competitions, so i'm guessing i'm not the first, but that's definately the reflection of you taking a photo!
ps love the idea of collecting decorations for your children. i should probably start now before it's too late!

Lisa said...

Levin is right, if you click on the 3rd photo of this post you will see me a little clearer, snapping away. I only saw the reflection when I was doing this post. Love to hear from anyone else who wants to say hello.

The Dairy Wife said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Wow ... you are crafty. I used to be, but when the triplets were born and life got hectic, my passion went by the way side.

I'll try your suggestions on getting the glue out of Sammy's pj's. Thanks for the tips.

I have 5 first cousins living in Australia. The pictures I've seen is beautiful.

Good to meet you and have a happy new year.