Shepherd's watched...........'s a shame I'm not so watchful when I was scanning over my huge tree for all the new decorations this year. This very cute little cross stitched Shepherd's Bush decoration was stitched by a work colleague and friend of of mine and it is really special to me even though I missed putting it in my previous post, sorry Cheryl! I suspect she found the pattern in one of the Just Cross Stitch Christmas mags she also collects. She missed out on last years magazine but I found one for sale on Ebay later which was a nice surprise for her. Ebay can be a wonderful resource for out of print craft books, patterns and mags, have a look you might be surprised at what you will find.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, Shepherd's Bush --- definitely one of my favorite designers. I have two of their large designs in my family room and many more in my stash to be done.

Anne said...

Happy New Year!
First time to your blog page.
I love your felted bags.
I would like to attempt to make a felted bag soon.
I have a few little projects to finish first.