It's a good life..............

...........and I want to come back as a cat if that is at all possible. Lazing around on a sunny afternoon............that's what I want now. It was all very funny because she fell off the garden edge while showing off and she was so embarrassed she wouldn't even look at me, it was like it was my fault!

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Levin (and Emily) said...

i should comment on each entry, but it's 37C and i feel like i've been sedated so i will just comment here. love what you made for christmas - the tote-able towel is fantastic. love what you got for christmas. my darling husband and your darling husband should join forces - it can't be easy tackling craft stores. the first time david went in for me he walked straight back out as it was busy and he didn't know what he was buying. the second time he took emily and the lovely ladies helped him muchly!
and yes, it's definately a cat's life. better go i'm starting to fade now!