Lucky girl am I

I know, you all want to know what was under the tree for me. I was a very lucky girl this year, lots of lovely thoughtful presents, too many to tell you about really but here are the craft ones that I know you are all interested in. First up is a belated birthday present form a stitching friend, it is a wonderful Bisagoma elephant grass basket which was made by women in Ghana and it is so perfect for my knitting. Look inside and you will see a stash of Ashford Tekapo 8ply NZ wool which will make 3 felted bags, this came from Dear Husband who while away working found a wool shop near Cooma called Past Times Country Crafts and even went in and had to ask for help. If you knew my Dear Husband who is very allergic to shopping even if it is for clothes for himself then you will know this was a big effort and I REALLY, REALLY appreciated it. If you look carefully you will see I have even cast on a few stitches to see how it feels. Finally a new mag, the Christmas issue for Just Cross Stitch which has a collection of Christmas ornaments from the current top designers and their favourite festive recipes or memories as well, this came from my stitching friend and it is something we have both collected for the last decade or so, they are wonderful magazines if you can get your hands on one. Now I think I might go and knit a few stitches, or read, I forgot to tell you I also received 2 great novels from Dear Husband as well, almost finished one, he really excelled this year. Hope you all found a ball of wool or something crafty under your tree too.

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Anonymous said...

What novels did you get? Curious minds want to know.

I got three books for Christmas --- two Philip Gulley books and the newest Beverly Lewis.

I'm saving them until 2008 so I can add them to my 08 reading challenge.