Special memories

A few weeks back I came across a wonderful blog called Two Pink Possums and it is full of things I love. Lots of antique china, Sunbeam mixers, Golden Books, family, flowers, old linens, sewing, knitting and baking. One post did catch my eye, it shows a lovely old tin and amzingly I have it's twin. Mine was my Nana's and when she passed away it became mine and it is full of her very special handkerchiefs. I can still remember sitting up in bed with her when I was young looking through these beautiful treasured hankies which were mostly gifts from family and good friends of whom she would name and reminisce about. Some are so delicate and probably quite useless for blowing your nose on but the work is gorgeous. Most are hand embroidery with either tatted or crocheted edges. Thank you Linda for reminding me of many happy times with my very special grandmother.


Anonymous said...

We like many of the same things! But, that doesn't surprise me at all.

I have one "fancy" hankie that belonged to my mom. It's small and has a pink rose embroidered in one corner.

I remember the days when every polite young lady carried a fancy hanky in her purse.

V. said...

Thank you for voting for me in nannybird's contest! I should have two new bags up by the weekend..!!


Levin (and Emily) said...

oh - I love treasures - especially old ones. Unfortunately because we migrated, I didn't have grandmas (or Omas) to share these things with. Sometimes I feel like I have missed out and I am so grateful my children have grandparents. I have developed this passion of collecting old things - perhaps I'm trying to create a bit of history - but you just can't buy that sort of thing.

Your story is lovely - I hope my children remember things like this one day!


Anonymous said...

Lisa this is lovely!!!! Thank you so much for the mention too! Your tin and hankies are wonderful, what a coincidence as you said to have twin tins when they are so old! Yours does look in excellent condition! :)A lovely story about you and your nana!

Meggy said...

How special, nobody seems to use hankies anymore. It really seems to be a thing of the past which is what makes your gorgeous tin all the more special.