Naughty puss strikes again

I folded fresh washing and did some ironing late yesterday and left it on a lounge and went off to bed. Now early this morning, I mean very early, 5.50 am the camera tells me so, Darling Daughter snapped this photo of Annie hiding amongst the piles. Just what I need cat fur all over everyone's clothes............she's really malting with all the humid weather. She has a bed up in Surfer Boys room on his top bunk and another blanket on Darling Daughters bed but no she prefers the smell of fresh washing.............typical isn't it!


Anonymous said...

I lean towards the smell of fresh laundry myself. The puss has good taste.

Levin (and Emily) said...

yep - my georgie is the same - anything clean and preferably black will suffice.
We have cat fur all over the house at the moment - i swear she is bringing her friends in when we are not looking!

Jenny said...

What a cheeky puss but she was probably thinking that you washed and ironed it just for her! Great photo!