Puff magic

Before with marbles in place ready for felting

Lightly felted and so very light, 25 grams

My Angel Puff Scarf is complete. I am really happy how this turned out using Naturally Mist yarn which is a 1ply lace weight 80% super fine kid mohair and 20% acrylic yarn made in New Zealand and is around $7 rather than $20 odd for Rowan Kidsilk. I knitted with 4mm needles and it turned out quite a bit smaller than the pattern stated, not sure if it was the yarn or me! Anyway I decided to use less puffs of a smaller size than a macadamia nut and not felt it as much as the original so the scarf might end up being a useful size. So this morning I placed 30 vase marbles in a regular pattern on the lower edges of my scarf and secured them with 30 clear snagless hair elastics and felted the scarf in the washing machine with a pair of jeans for agitation, it took about 15 minutes to felt. I think the Lady with the Lamp really likes this heavenly little neck warmer.
For those who need to know this is shade 602 which doesn't seem to be a current colour on Naturally's page.


Levin (and Emily) said...

it's just beautiful! it will be lovely to wear when the weather cools once again.

Anonymous said...

That yarn is such a beautiful color!

luv Abby said...

ohhhh Lisa it is beautiflu... I can't wait to see the felted product
luv Abby

Anonymous said...

this is sooo beautiful Lisa, the whole process just amazes me!!

Jenny said...

Wow! It is so delicate and lovely!The colur is awesome-very tranquil

2paw said...

How gorgeous!! I am just knitting the scarf and I was a bit worried but you have soothed my fears. I think I am just going to buy another ball of the mohair I used and mine won;t be long enough with one ball.