"Too cold for swimming!"

"We're going boating!" Famous last words! Now look what the cat dragged in, two very wet soggy little girlfriends who decided boating was boring and that jumping off the buoy was much more fun even if you are fully clothed. Summer fun, nothing better! Looks like they are scheming their next adventure. These two will have fun in the holidays, 1 week of school to go!


Anonymous said...

Cute girls and pup! Summer time IS so much more fun than winter ... at least when there is water!

Levin (and Emily) said...

wish we had water near. what with the water restrictions there is virtually no water fun here.
lovely pics - lovely girls!

Donna said...

Your girls are lovely-what fun to have them home for vacation. We are freezing here with temps about 30 degrees F. Snow is forecast for Christmas day. Your scarf is amazing, beautiful and just plain lovely. Have a Happy Christmas and New Year.