I love you but not that much

What is a home without the faithful pets. Today Darling Daughter is "sick, sick, sick" and we didn't have to "call for the doctor quick, quick,quick". Nurse Annie is on duty caring for her sickly friend with the pongy tonsillitis breath. This cat is much more like a dog than any cat I have ever known; she follows you round the house, talks constantly and is a great companion especially when you aren't feeling your best. Not long after I took this photo she let Darling Daughter know she wasn't happy, she swiped with her paw without her claws just to let her know to desist from any further smooching "your breath really does smell bad".............just stop it right now!


Anonymous said...

Hope your DD is feeling better soon!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love cats so much - I wish I had a nice snuggly one like yours. Ours seems to have a few problems and so she can sit near you but not on you and sometimes I think she wants to be affectionate, but she's a bit scared. She loves us all - especially the boys. That's the problem though when you get them from the pound, they sometimes come with psychological problems.
Hope your daughter gets well soon - I have two home sick today and one ready to revolt about going back to kindy whilst everyone else stays home!

Stacey said...

Your poor sick girl - it looks like she has some lovely company while she recovers.
I too have a lovely cat. He follows me everywhere and talks to me constantly. He's a bit of a pain at times - when I am making the beds he gets in them, he steals washing out of the basket and jumps on my knee the minute I sit down. Having said that I love him to pieces (and tell him all the time - probably more than I tell my husband and kids!!).