Lunch with friends

The Chef's Cap Cafe

Mum and Dad

Tired little babe

I'm a little bit late posting these photos from a lovely lunchtime outing last Sunday with two friends and a few smaller friends who dined with us. A little family of Superb Fairy-wrens came to lunch they had very hungry babies so I shared my Turkish bread so mum could stuff it into the little squawking mouths as fast as she could. These birds are tiny and so speedy it's amazing I actually have any photos to show you. The cafe we went to is in the middle of our local Regional Botanic Gardens and it is the most peaceful and relaxing place to eat out and the French chef and his staff provided us with the most fabulous food and entertainment. I do have photos of my friends but I think my life would be in danger if I published them on my blog!

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Levin (and Emily) said...

i would love to have lunch there. those birds are so cute. maybe one day.......