My new walking buddy

I have found a walking buddy, no, not my pedometer that I have used for a couple of years now. A neighbour, and we have walked for the last six afternoons, we walk well together, we like to walk at a similar speed and vary our route around our village over sand, grass and sealed roads, up hills and down. We walk for an hour and the last two days I have worn my trusty old pedometer to count our steps. Now I have done some searching on the web to find out what sort of speed we should be walking at for fitness and even weightloss hopefully. We averaged 125 steps per minute today which is ok for fitness but 135 would be better and power walking apparently is around 150 so we have a way to go. Atleast we are in the ball park and we can only improve. Right? Do I have any experienced walking blog readers out there who can give me any more advice about distance, steps and speed I should be aiming for realistically?


Dee said...

If you can talk, but you can't sing you are walking fast enough.

I know from my own experience that with time you will pick up the pace. When I started walking on the treadmill I did about 3 m.p.h.
Now I do 3.6 mph with an incline of 2%.

Improvement will come on it's own. As long as you are breathing a little hard and working up a sweat ... you're doing fine.

Enjoy your walks!

Levin (and Emily) said...

since i've been going to the gym i've become fitter so now when i do laps around the oval i have to walk fast and occasionally jog to get my heart rate up. i hate the jogging though - it makes me feel all wibbly wobbly!
enjoy your walks - exercising with a friend is so much more fun.

Donna said...

I love to read you blog-it reminds me of all those cosy village books that I love to read. Your sewing is so great, and I love to hear about your life in Australia- Your grandmother sounded like an amazing woman traveling around the world and starting a new life. She instilled in you her love of crafting and you are carring it forward to your go girl!
From a reader in New Jersey.