Cute girly gift

My sister has whipped this sweet little dolly up today for a girlfriends daughter. This lucky little girl is surely going to love her little Emily doll who was designed by Emily Martin of Inside a Balck Apple blog who is Etsy's biggest seller and there is a free to download pattern on the Martha Stewart site as Emily appeared there recently. Please remember this pattern is for your personal use only, not for anyone to make and sell the dolls for profit.


Meg said...

Cute of course, are all members of your family good with their hands? LOL

Levin (and Emily) said...

cute - but i won't be making her. i don't have time. i have discovered quilting and have become a quilt junkie. end of story.
ps i'm sure once i'm up to my third or fourth i will calm down a bit. altough there is still so much more to learn.....