'This is............'

..........what I found inside my bag this morning. I think the contents of my favourite felted bag are pretty boring, just the essentials for a day at work or out shopping. This weeks meme was brought to us by Iris + Lily, not sure why everyone was so keen to see into each others bags, it might reveal just too much about us to blogland!

From this you can determine
  • I like red
  • I buy more than will fit in my handbag, hence the little Stuffit stowaway bag
  • I drive a Subaru
  • I like Shiseido lipsticks
  • My hair gets in a mess
  • I always carry a handkerchief and this one is the one my mum used on her wedding day as did I, my "something old"
  • I wear Maui Jim sunglasses because they suit my outdoors life and are great for cycling
  • I carry a tape measure because you never know when you might need to measure something, this was a gift from my Nana when she visited her native land England in 1976
  • I'm hopeless unless I have a diary to record all the family happenings
  • I visited a chandlers store last week to pick up some stainless steel hardware for a new bag design that's in my head.
  • Not sure where the pen has gone and the mobile phone is so embarrassingly 'yesterday' I left it out!
  • Forgot to mention the flower keyring given to me by a girlfriend a number of years ago, it matched my previous Subaru, something I never thought of ever doing was colour matching a keyring to a car! Thanks Kyla for mentioning the flower.


Kyla said...

What a great purse you have and I like the flower on your key chain :) Cheers

Jenny said...

Lovely felt bag full of lots of practical goodies.

Maureen said...

You make some lovely bags that have almost converted me to the idea of a felt one.

Practical but attractive contents. ;-)