This is........ inspiration board. The board itself was made almost 20 years ago by Dear Husband and I from a collection of corks we had that were enhanced by a huge bagful from restaurant owning friends. The board hangs above my cutting table in my sewing studio and is an ever changing collections of pictures, cards, patterns, scraps, business cards and bits and pieces. Click on any of the photos for a closer look.

Ruby was a mascot from 'The Body Shop' many years ago and I still love her positive message to us women of many and various body types.

This card is a photo of a fabulous piece of machine embroidery by Sharon Peoples of Canberra. One of my friends was lucky enough to win a framed piece of her work at a local embroidery meeting but she had to give me a card from 'The Red Shoe' series, I'm a bit partial to red shoes. Next door is a great framed postcard from my sister of a typical NZ beach scene, I can't remember the artist, will have to check with her. Just had a comment from little sis and she called me a "hoarder", fancy that! The artist's name is Tony Ogle and his work is great, check it out.

I have always loved Rodin's sculpture 'The Kiss' so this birthday cards has been kept for many years. Also love the message on the other card, something for all of us to remember!

Free postcards picked up at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne last year, great faces.

A great retro postcard from my boss from the Sydney Airport.

A piece of antique lace from the Portobello Road Markets in London. I love this little gift from a friend because we share a love of needlework and I have always loved the movie 'Notting Hill' that is set in this road.

Thank you Pip from Meet Me at Mikes for suggesting the title for this weeks "This is........" meme organised by Three Buttons.


donna said...

Hey sis,

Great scrapboard! You are a hoarder! The NZ artist is Tony Ogle and he has some fabulous scenes from our beloved NZ!..

Donna x

Jenny said...

Great inspiration board indeed-love the actual cork board too! Some lovely treasures there!

Kyla said...

I love the corks that is so original. The red shoes are so pretty. Your board is very beautiful.
have a great day!

Nan said...

This is a really clever idea and so unique. I love it! It's a treasure, as well as your inspiration board, how cool is that?!!!

Lorih said...

Your cork board inspires me to make my own (we have a big jar of wine corks that are just screaming to be made in to a board now).

Thank you for your inspiration!

Jejune said...

I have the same Body Shop postcard, hoarded for many a year... now I just need to get a pin board up in my new office/studio too - yours is a real inspiration :)

Betty said...

this is amazing.

love all the treasures.

it is such a window into a personality to see the things they hold dear.

thankyou for sharing

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love your inspiration board - i had a copy of the body shop card too - but i lost it :( it's a fabulous message.
i haven't been around much lately - been very busy......
just wanted to say that i love the cream you recommended. my skin has never felt so soft.
hope you are cool in your part of the woods - we are in the middle of a record breaking heatwave. i am not a happy camper!!!