This is........

...............looking out my front door. These shoes were made for walking and that's what they're gonna do at 4.30pm again today with my walking buddy. We're still at it and I have to say it's getting easier finally, we power up the hills, around the streets, along the beaches and back home along the river, just over an hour of almost power walking speed blood pumping exercise. I never thought I would say it but I do actually look forward to our regular walks these days! I know I was too lazy to untie the laces at the end of my walk yesterday I just needed 2 glasses of cold water quick as it was quite a hot afternoon. Now for my girlfriends out there who call me 'the gym virgin' I'm still a proud virgin but a fitter one and it's no thanks to a gym. I reckon I can get all the exercise I need around my neighbourhood without making the 40km round trip to visit any of the 4 gyms in the area.

Thanks Brooke for the "This is.........." meme decision for today. I did think of cheating like Pip has done by looking out my back door but I would have needed to get the broom out and I just don't feel like doing that today!


Jenny said...

I love walking too-along the beach of course! Enjoy! Walking is much better than sweeping any old day!

Anonymous said...

I'm a gym rat! It's by necessity though ... weather is too unpredictable, traffic is WAYYYY to heavy and crime is climbing.

I wouldn't feel safe walking by myself and I can't seem to find a walking partner that will stay committed once the summer temps arrive.

I'm looking for an inline partner for this summer, but so far ... no takers.

Kyla said...

I never untie my shoes after I am done with them.. :) Good job on the walking

Levin (and Emily) said...

i was a gym virgin, but now i find it easier to go to the gym. there are three of us that go and it's slowly starting to see the point. i'm fitter and these days i don't dread going, so that's a good thing.
i couldn't imagine walking in this horrible heat.

Anonymous said...

Love it, I am a runner.
Never quite been able to get into the whole gym scene
thanks for sharing