Pay It Forward packages

To the three girls who have so patiently waited for their 'Pay It Forward' gifts, they are the mail, really truly. Finally found the perfect card for these gifts. I know one has arrived safely in the US and am looking forward to hearing that the other two have made it to their destinations in one piece. I really enjoyed sending these handmade gifts to three fellow bloggers who I have never met but catch up with in blogland regularly. Keep up the great work all of you bloggers, it is a favourite part of my day spending a few minutes catching up on what others are up to in their lives and creatively.


Nan said...

OH!!! I was going to post today about what I received, I'm glad I checked here first, just in case another recipient receives the same gift, and by chance stops by my blog, I don't want to give away their surprise! I'll wait till next week to post about it to give everyone plenty of time to receive and notify you. Again, I just LOVE my PIF gift!! Thank you, thank you!!! ;) XOX Hugs!!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love the card at the top - it's so true. don't you think that if people gave more rather than taking or buying, the world would be a happier place?
i hope you post about your gifts once they are received. i am intrigued to know what is in the wrapper.

Gnat said...

Thank you so much for the gift!! I actually posted today about it!!

I loved the stitch markers and already stuck them into my wedding shawl I'm knitting!!