'This is..........'

.........the demon or monkey on my back, CHOCOLATE!! I love it, only good stuff though, the Lindt Bunny came to my house overnight, very spoilt. This weeks meme was suggested by Drewzel who is battling her own inner demon and winning. All this chocolate is seriously not what I need, I am battling with the scales and I really want to win the battle. I have been overweight for a number of years now but I really need to get the weight off permanently for better health. I wasn't overweight always even after I had our two children, the pregnancy weight just came off being an active mum. Currently I weigh more than I did when I was full term pregnant. My walking buddy and I haven't walked this week due to work commitments, weather and me being sick but we will get back on track and hopefully this small change to my everyday lifestyle will over time help to get the extra weight off and maintain my health and fitness. Here is a great site I would like to share with all the mums of blogland many of whom are uncomfortable about the way they look, 'The Shape of a Mother' affirms how great it is to be a mum and to carry the scars of motherhood. Hope you are having a lovely Easter but do get out for a little walk if you feel so inclined and enjoy your chocolate.

This is my 10th 'This is.........' post can you believe that? This great idea for our Sunday meme was brought to us by Angela of Three Buttons blog and it has been fun checking each Wednesday who is to choose the theme and what it might be, I haven't missed one yet but have been a tiny bit late posting a couple of them. Join in if you want, it is a challenge each week as to how you might express your idea in a photograph.


Meggy said...

Love the chocolate! I got a good stash too. I will send you a link you might be interested in, it will ge your ahah moment...

Dee said...

I don't know whether I could resist the Lindt bunny. Oh my golly that is some yummy chocolate.

Fortunately, you can buy the little Lindt balls at the bookstore. You can get them one at a time for a little treat that won't kill the diet.

Happy Easter.

Levin (and Emily) said...

yep - i'm a sucker for chocolate. i ate lots - it was never going to rain anyway so there was no point to the trade off.
i'm going to have to get to the gym again tomorrow :(

Kyla said...

Oh that is the best chocolate..Yummy. Happy Easter

Jelly Wares said...

I love Lindt chocolate too... It's the only chocolate to eat... I espacially love the chocolate balls filled with soft almost runny chocolate... I hope you had a fantastic Easter.. :)


Betty said...

yes, this really is a universal theme this week.

the chocolate demon rears it ugly head!

thanks for sharing