Winter wear

Hope to finish this Work In Progress form a couple of winters ago. Amazingly I still like this jumper and the yarn Cleckheaton Studio Mohair is just so light and interesting, these colours are now discontinued. I have knit the back and nearly one sleeve so hope the momentum continues and I'll be wearing this cosy knit soon. Version 'B' has a loose funnel neck and I'm undecided at the moment which one suits my needs best but I'm leaning toward the higher neck just to keep those cool breezes away from my neck. I have a another colour in this yarn and am thinking of knitting this, the body is knit in one piece then the sleeves are picked up at the armhole openings and knit sewing up!


Rachel said...

I like these colors!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love the style of jumper - but i'm an old thing now and i like something long enough to cover my back. brrrrr! the colours are great.