Who's a lucky girl.................me

Life is good when dear friends visit bearing wonderful woolly gifts. A little while back I made a patchwork bag kit up for a friend and in return she has gifted me these three gorgeous wools she bought on her recent European travels. These wools were bought in Riga, Latvia although the 'Emmebi Kiddy' laceweight mohair is made in Italy and the 'Katia Studio' bulky weight self striping textured yarn is made in Spain, I don't think either are available in Australia from my quick googling. She knows me well, pinks are a colour I really love and wear a lot of. Now what to knit?? Has anyone knit either of these yarns? Any ideas please forward details. I think I'd quite like to knit a lace moebius neck warmer with one of the 'Kiddy' mohair.

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Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Lisa...how wonderful to see this wool purchased in Latvia...that is my heritage...Dzintra♥x