This is..........

.........the space in which I create. I do have a sewing studio but you are not seeing in there's a bit disorganised at the moment, and I have waaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff in there. This couch is where I do Research and Development..........note large pile of new reading material. I haven't made any progress on the 'Peas' or 'Beads' bag but hopefully tonight with a good movie I won't have too much left to do. I love my Daylight floor lamp and the Scottish mohair wrap just keeps those winter chills away from my shoulders.

Thanks Quilting Mick for this weeks meme title, looking forward to seeing where everyone creates.


Levin (and Emily) said...

What a lovely spot. I too have a special chair with a little table along side which is piled high with reading material. I feel happy when I am there.
I love your crochet book - I love the fact that it is so old and that someone actually used it 117 years ago to do something that we still do today.

Lisa said...

I love a bit of research and development.

Your wrap looks rather snuggly.