School holidays downunder

What to do on cold winters days with the kids home for a 2 week school break? This old puzzle gifted to them a few years back was dragged out and provided hours of relative peace and quiet! Surfer Boy and Darling Daughter are teenagers, siblings and the opposite sex so there was definitely some squabbling and annoying going on but this great WASGIJ puzzle got us all involved at times. It's a great concept for a puzzle, you need eyes in the back of your head and a good imagination to work out what the people on the front of the box might be looking at. There are also mysteries to solve and looking into the future themed ones also available. Now what to do? Darling Daughter has made a batch of bournvita biscuits this morning. Surfer Boy is remodelling neighbourhood bikes with all the local lads, keeps them busy for hours then they come home filthy dirty and bit worse for wear after hours spent at their homemade bike track in the bush. Good wholesome outdoor fun. It might come to an end as the sky is as black as ink out to the west, rain and school holidays just don't go together.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

it's bitterly cold (for adelaide) and we are staying indoors too. the puzzle looks great - unfortunately julian and louis are probably a bit too small for them yet.
ps what are bournvita biscuits?