Something different to read

Here is my latest decorating read. My hairdresser recently visited South Africa and he brought this Elle Decoration mag home and shared it with me, how lucky am I? It's filled with really interesting different decorating which is of course influenced by this very culturally diverse country. I have read it over and over and just found their blog, you have to have a look it's very modern and full of the latest ideas. He thought the knitted and then glazed bowls would be right up my alley, very intriguing, so far haven't found anything more of the artist John Bauer who made them, love to see what else he is doing with knits. I like the ceramics made from casting cut crystal glasses and decanters. Also like the eclectic style of decorating that was so evident in this issue, this appeals to my bower bird nature.


Dee said...

That looks like a very interesting magazine. I like the bowls, but I LOVE the mugs in picture #3.

Rachel said...

knitting + glazing = the coolest idea ever!

Emma said...


I know John very well he does lot of really interesting pots with lace and feathers as well.

I don't believe he has a website but I'll tell him about your enquiry.


emma said...


I know John I'll pass on the message.