Last days of winter walk

143 steps from my front gate and this is what I see...........not bad on a good sunny day.

Down onto the sand

Not another soul in sight

Point with moss

Gang of Galahs

Walking through the She-oak forest

Ripe Prickly Pear fruit

Looking from the boat launching ramp down the river, over the dunes is the beach

Neptune's Necklace weed in the river shallows

Oysters thriving in the Mangrove roots

I am very lucky to be able to walk such a beautiful route whenever the fancy takes me............I shouldn't take it for granted.


Nan said...

lovely photo's. I feel as if I went on the walk with you.

Anonymous said...

You DO have a beautiful view! WOW!

I loved the picture of Pia and your son. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

WOW... what a great catch up Lisa... I love the spring forward socks....gorgeous.... and what a great colour. Your view is amazing you are truly blessed to call that bit of paradise home. Glad to hear all your loved ones are recovering. Happy anniversary also.... thanx for sharing your memories.

Mandi said...

it all indeed looks like paradise...beautiful indeed..

Rachel said...

Beautiful photographs!