An outing.......... the National Capital with Darling Daughter who was competing in the Regional Athletics in the javelin event on the day the Olympics began in China oh ate oh ate oh ate. It was a cool crisp morning but the sun was shining at the Australian Institute of Sport Track and Field facilities and Darling Daughter chucked the javelin 3 times but not as far as some much more sturdy 14 year old girls could. Not to worry it was amazing our little girl made it that far.

By a lucky coincidence the Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair was on at Exhibition Park and we headed on over there as it was technically on our way home. We had a couple of hours looking around the stalls and the quilt exhibition, a good event this year, some new stalls and some fabulous quilts. I didn't take my camera............sorry, didn't really think of that at darko'clock when we were getting ready in the cold. I did buy some Jolly Jumbuck sock wool that is so soft the colour is Kokoda, have already wound that into a nice ball ready to get started on. Found a copy of the Vogue Ultimate Sock Book that wanted to come home with me, great tips and information for knitting socks from many different yarns with a great table for formulating your own patterns, also has some fabulous patterns to get you started. My other purchase was a bit of gadget find, the Bond Embellish Knit hand cranked French knitting or Icord machine. It will only work with fine yarns but hours of fun for Darling Daughter and then I will have miles of embellishment for my felting projects. I had bought a few balls of wool at a local thrift store that were 1ply or less so I put one of these through the little gadget and have ended up with a great ball of charcoal cord perfect for chunky knitting, very quick and it feels great.

A day out was good but it has taken me days to recover as I'm still suffering with the dreaded winter lurgy. Off to the National Capital again this week with Surfer Boy for a specialist appointment!


Levin (and Emily) said...

sounds like you had a fun time!
congratulations to your daughter for making it that far!
hope the specialist appt goes well for your son - is he still in pain???

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts for the appointment with the specialist.

Congratulations to dear daughter on her accomplishments.

I like the I-cord gadget. I have a spool I can hand knit I-cord, but it's for heavier yarns. I got it when I was a little kid.

Anonymous said...

what a great day. congrats to DD what an awesome accomplishment.

Rachel said...

Cool i-cord machine!

Anonymous said...

Oooh ... your daughter being a javelin thrower must have been the reason I was mysteriously attracted to your blog.
Mind you, here (in Canada) we do not start spear chucking at that early an age. I started knitting 10 years before I started throwing.

How far did she throw it?

Does she looove it enough to continue? Does she looove it enough to practice and exercise year round? (Push-ups before she goes to bed each night, etc.)
Those other 14 year olds will be less sturdy in a year or two - because most of them will be less dedicated.

All the best,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca