Tiddley little knit

We have a new baby in the family, one of Dear Husbands cousins had a little boy on the 12th of August and he arrived safely and healthy. The little one has gone home and so far no name to report. I decided beanie knitting was something I could manage while keeping an eye on the Olympics, just wish it took a bit longer to knit, my lacy sock is a bit challenging when TV watching. This wool made in New Zealand by Naturally Hand Knit Yarn named Magic Garden Classic Prints (scroll down to find the yarn on Naturally's page of new yarns). It is 4 ply 100% pure wool which was lovely to knit, I used colour 890, hope it isn't too girly or bright for this new babe but it will certainly keep his little head warm when out and about in Brisbane.


My Love is..... said...

cute. gorgeous colours.

Levin (and Emily) said...

ooooh i love new babies!
i love little beanies too - so cute.