Creative update

I did it, I started creating again...............I said I would! I did some more sorting out and tidying in my studio, found a pile of knitwear that needed to be I went and put them all in the wash and now have a pile of beautifully felted knits ready to deconstruct and repurpose. I found a knitted bag 'Peas' almost complete so I got to it and completed it and this morning it's in the wash felting away as I type. I also cooked a great dinner for the family from the best cook books only need 4 Ingredients for any of the recipes, they're Australian and so easy. They are really Dear Husbands books, the red one was one of his Fathers Day gift on Sunday. I can't remember what the recipe was called but I substituted chicken breast for chicken thighs rolled them in lite sour cream then tossed them in slivered almonds and grated Jarlsberg cheese and baked them until golden, how easy is that...............served with lots of fresh veges, no one complained!

Off to create again update tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Yum ... that sounds like a good recipe.

Rachel said...

Cool knitting! I like the pattern.