Pumping surf

All was quiet in the neighbourhood and Surfer Boy was sorting out his fishing tackle anD loading up his new fishing box ready for a weekend of fishing after school yesterday. A big bite to eat and off he went to check the surf............minutes later he came screaming in the back door "THE SURF'S BL##%Y PUMPING" he yelled (please excuse his language, I've never heard him swear before either), I asked "who's out there" in disgust he yells back "EVERYONE"! Needless to say seconds later he's in his wetsuit and racing out the door, board under his arm..............back he comes to remove his denture then he's gone for the next hour and a half. Darling Daughter went down and had a go with my tele lens trying to capture big brother in action. A bit fuzzy mostly but this is the best shot, not sure if Surfer Boy thinks it shows his 'immense' talent enough (remember he's 16 1/2 years old!) but I can't even stand on a board for more than a few seconds so anything he can do with it is miraculous to me. Have a great weekend everyone, weather's looking fabulous so I'll be out and about with roving reports to follow later.


Anonymous said...

Very cool photo!

You'll need to frame that one.

Levin (and Emily) said...

that's an amazing shot.
i can't stand on a surf board either - i'm amazed and slightly in awe of those who can. I hope he had lots of fun.