Sea turtle in trouble

This morning has been interesting, a girlfriend found a small sea turtle that had been washed up over night onto one of our beaches, it was a very rough night, the turtle is obviously unwell with all the barnacles and algae taking over on it's shell and limbs. I sat with it until NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service with WIRES came to pick up the struggling animal and now it's with a vet to decide whether if anything can be done to save this poor animal. Most sea turtles who end up like this have ingested so much plastic along with their food that their bowel gets blocked and then they literally starve to death or die from infections in their body cavities which caused them to float on the surface of the water. There are 6 species of sea turtle in Australian waters some are threatened with extinction as early as 20 years away, this one was well away from the warmer waters of QLD and northern NSW which would be it's normal territory.

Next is a lovely book I bought at My Place in Bowral which is in the Southern Highlands area just SW of Sydney for those who need to plan an excursion. 'Sew and Stow' by Betty Oppenheimer is a great little book full of great items, perfect for Christmas present making.

Finally, when I returned on Monday evening from our trip I sat down and just started knitting, a new bag pattern was brewing in my mind and I just needed to get it on the needles. So far I'm very happy with the progress. I love this dull grey green with a dull grey, this will eventually be a large shopping bag with two handles.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

have i ever told you how much i really, really, REALLY hate people who litter. after reading this post it almost makes me want to screw up plastic bags and force those who litter to swallow them so they get strangulated bowels and die of starvation. well, to be honest maybe that's a bit severe. pure laziness and a lack of respect. (it's one of my pet peeves - can you tell).
the book looks good - my library doesn't have it.....yet. perhaps i should ask them to get it in.
enjoy your weekend.