Watercolour work

Not really..............I'm absolutely useless with a paintbrush. I have just been fiddling around with scanned snaps from our wedding and Arcsoft Photo Studio 5.5. I've never really played around in this program but thought garden shots would be good to work with. What photo programs do you all use................anyone have a favourite? This gorgeous little house built in 1876 is where Dear Husband and I spent our wedding night many moons ago.

Click on the photos to see the real watercolour effect.


Anonymous said...

Neat! I love the last one.

Les said...

Those are great!
I have been playing with this free, on-line, beta Photoshop express.
It is lots of fun and I have been making cards from the results!

Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - the pictures look great. is the software downloadable or do you need to purchase it?