Fish for dinner

Surfer Boy has had a huge weekend fishing for 3 days up or river in a little beaten up tinny (small aluminium boat) with his mate from the hammock incident. The local club hosted their annual fishing competition over this long weekend and all the local boys entered as the prizes were fantastic and the surf wasn't so great (fortunately). Anyway most of the boys were successful in catching a fish large enough to win themselves a new rod and reel. Our Surfer Boy managed to catch one large Flathead 68cm, 1.798kg (almost 4lb) gutted and gilled and this was the largest of this species in both junior and senior divisions. He also caught the largest fish in the junior division so he came home with two very precious new rod and reel sets. What a lucky boy! His hammock mate had broken his reel early Sunday morning so he left Surfer Boy on the river bank while he zoomed home down the river to get a new reel and when he returned he saw Surfer Boy with this huge fish aloft. Surfer Boy is only new to fishing and he managed to catch this fish on a soft lure with an old crappy rod, he didn't have any gloves or landing net to get this fish out of the water once he wound it in so he just jerked the line flipped the fish over onto it's back and then got it as far away from the waters edge as he could without getting stuck by the fishes nasty barbs. It's the great fishing story of the weekend and it's all true!!

I had the job of baking it for dinner that night, fitting it in my baking dish was challenging and I found a great recipe Baked Flathead on Potato with Lemon and Oregano Dressing by Karen Martini, it was delicious and easy.


Anonymous said...

So, a fish that ugly tastes good? LOL

Congratulations to Surfer Boy!

Mandi said...

clever boy....hope it tasted yummy mummy....glad surfer boy was safer with this new occupation