Mystery break

View from our verandah


Interesting rock formations

A peaceful lake bathed in afternoon light

The original farmhouse, huge Moreton Bay Fig and obligatory cubby house

Mucking about in a boat

A boy and his dog

Three nights away in a little cabin on an old seaside farm with a view to an island complete with it's own lighthouse. We had a great family time with our old Jack Russell picnicking and kayaking, just what we needed. A break from the maddening crowds and phones is just pure bliss.


wild said...

Fantastic pictures! Very nice place!

Anonymous said...

Looks chilly! But, the pictures are beautiful.

Mandi said...

What an absolutly beautiful view from your home.....WOW....I would never be able to get of that veranda.....and I adore Moreten Bay Figs...they are one of my most special trees.....really magestic and intruiging....
do you have a paint proramme? I did my collage in paint shop is rather a lot of messsing about and you have to know the proramme pretty well....I will see if I can find an easy collage maker programme you might be able to try for in touch soon...x

Rachael said...

Oh, Mystery Bay! We used to holiday there when i was a kid!
I've been scuba diving of Montague Island. Thanks for the memory jog. It looks like you had the perfect break!

Levin (and Emily) said...

sounds like bliss.
our holiday was exhausting - fun, but exhausting. i'm ready for one that is more peaceful and less tiring.