Dad and his cars

The day I picked Ruby up I also bought a new two drawer filing cabinet and this has meant I have spent some time going through our old filing box and trying to organise all that we want to keep in the new one. I am not an organised person by any means and filing is not my forte so this has taken me some time to complete. I came across a brown paper bag with some old Polaroid shots of my dad's pride and joy, his 1947 TC MG and restoration photos of my 1967 MGB Mark II. Next month it will be 9 years since Dad passed away and I have been thinking about him a lot over the Christmas period. Dad was a mad keen car enthusiast and prior to restoring these two MG's he had restored two 1930 Model A Ford cars while we lived in New Zealand, one was a green two door Tudor named 'Henrietta' and the other a crimson red soft top Roadster model with a Dickie seat in the boot called 'Rosie', my sister had these two cars for her wedding two years before I was married. Dad restored the green MG you see me posing with under the Hills Hoist in my grandmothers back garden (very Australian thing to do!), he worked on it secretly to have it complete for my wedding, I was hugely surprised when he led me out the back to see this little beauty. I drove my little green car for a number of years, through two pregnancies with only inches to spare in front of my distended belly and the leather steering wheel, it was a great fun car to drive but unfortunately I did sell it as I just couldn't fit babies and toddlers in it. Car restoration was a true hobby for Dad and a great escape from a busy working and family life. We all need our opportunities to create whatever it may be.

If you click on the first photo you will see me sitting with my dad, this was back in my university days!

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